Titfees – Here’s Your Step-by-Step Guide An Online Fee Payment Portal


TIT, Bhopal, MP, is one of the famous engineering institutions in Bhopal. Different technologies have evolved various aspects of our lives. Some courses include law, engineering, business, pharmacy, and others. Here, paying fees becomes the essential element to complete your degree at TIT.

So, this step-by-step guide will cover different topics. Titfees is introduced by TIT for efficient online fee payment. The system not only streamlines the payment process but offers students an experience. As per the report, most students have hassle-free experience. Let us discuss Titfees, an online fee payment portal.

Know Something About TIT, Bhopal

Technocrats Institute of Technology, also known as TIT. This is a very renowned university in Bhopal. Students are offered many courses with the selection of UG and PG degrees. The campus includes libraries, computer centers, Wi-Fi, play spaces, and necessities.

All the courses have some eligibility requirements. For B.tech, the eligibility is 12th pass and the fee is 74,000 INR for 1st year. Besides this, there are different eligibility criteria as per the course selected.

Here, students are also exposed to academic resources through their official site. The portal also provides important information about Titfees. This focuses on the ease and benefits of managing educational payments online.

What is the Process to Register on the Fee Payment Portal of Titfees?

Here, students must register on the college’s online fee payment website. This is to be done before making a payment. So, for this, below are some steps one should follow for easy registration on the portal.

  1. You need to click on ‘Register’ after providing your email address and password on the site.
  2. For the verification process, an email link will be sent to your address.
  3. Here, you can set up an account using a username and password when it is validated.
  4. Your personal information is to be entered as a next step. The information includes name, course, roll number, branch, and semester. Make sure that all the details are correct as it will create a huge difference.
  5. Finally, click on submit after uploading your signature and picture.
  6. Your registration process is complete, now you can pay your fees online from the Titfees site.

Advantages of Using Titfees Online

So, many students think of the benefits of using the online fee portal. They think that there are different online fee portals so why only Titfees? For this, we have figured out some advantages of using the online fee portal.

  • All your extra expenses will be eliminated by using the Titfees platform. This makes it a very cost-effective option for students. Later, the portal is user-friendly. The interface of the portal contributes to an eco-conscious approach by reducing paper usage.
  • Moreover, the entire streamlined process ensures prompt payment transactions that are efficient. All the transactions are carried out fast saving time and effort for the students.
  • Most importantly, this portal has enhanced security. So, by using the same, your safety is already taken into consideration for financial transactions.

What’s the Process to Pay Fees Online on Titfees?

Don’t worry, but to make any online payment or pay fees, there are a few steps associated with the same. The same goes here, below is the entire process mentioned to pay fees online on Titfees.

  • Here, you need to first log in using the username and password.
  • If you want to pay for a health care, bus fare, or tuition fee, click on Online Fee Payment and choose the type of fee to be paid.
  • Now, click on submit after selecting the payment option. Later, it will show the amount to be paid in total.
  • After entering the selected payment amount, click the proceed button.
  • It’s time to choose your preferred method of payment. No matter, if you have a debit card, credit card, or net banking.
  • Finally, after inserting the details, confirm the transaction by verifying the same.
  • Your fees are paid here, you need to make sure that you take a copy of the receipt for further records.

All students must also note to visit the official website before paying any fees on the portal. If any confusion, they can get them cleared from the website only. The information given here is based on research and nothing else.

Some Important Dates and Late Fee Details

So, students need to adhere to the specified fee payment deadlines. Also, the last dates for fee deposition vary based on the course and semester. Every time, for odd semesters the date falls in August and March for even semesters.

Unfortunately, if failed to make the payment, the student will meet some late fee penalty as below,

  • Maximum INR 500 late fee for one month after the last date. Rs 25 per day.
  • If you are late up to three months after the last date, you need to pay INR 500 + Rs 25 per day. So, that is a maximum of INR 1000.
  • And, INR 1000 + Rs 25 per day up to the end of the semester after the last date. The total amount will be a maximum of Rs 2000.

This is the criteria as per the research details and some reports. Also, non-payment or zero attendance may restrict students from sitting in exams. This will create a huge loss in the academic activities of the students.

Here, after using the online fee payment, the efficiency and convenience redefine students’ experience. Also, the fee depends on their year of attendance, engineering discipline, and tuition fees.

Make sure that TIT is the reputed university to deal with. Also, the Titfees is a very easy process that empowers students to manage their educational expenses with security.

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