Your Detailed Guide on NVSP Portal- National Voter Service Portal

nvsp portal

Need to know what NVSP portal is? Don’t worry, we will cover everything for you. This is an online platform introduced by the Election Commission of India. People need to know that this is a single platform offering several voter services. From NVSP logins to checking NVSP status, users can access a multitude of services.

So, in this guide, we will dive into the National Voter Service Portal. It is important to know that making voter registration and management a breeze. Also, if you are a first-time voter, the NVSP is your companion from now. So, let’s dive in and discover how this portal empowers you to exercise.

What’s Exactly NVSP Portal?

So, let me tell you that the official website of the NVSP Portal is Also, this website serves as a central hub for Indian citizens to perform tasks related to voter registration. Other than registration, the portal also does verification and other electoral services.

People need to ensure that this portal also allows users to apply for Voter ID cards. Not only this, it also offers to update existing details and check the status of their voter app. No long queues in the government office, this is done from their computer itself.

By this, you must have come to know that NVSP plays a very crucial role in promoting voter participation. The portal also ensures a smooth and transparent electoral process in India.

What are the Services Offered By NVSP?

Guys, remember, not one, not two, but there are plenty of services for Indian citizens. If you are confused by seeing services on the portal, I have something for you. Below is the list of all the services offered by this portal.

nvsp portal
  • Deletion/Objection in Electoral roll
  • Search the name in the Electoral list
  • One can also cater service of application for transportation of entry in electoral roll
  • Correction of all the entries in the electoral roll
  • Apply online for new registration
  • Apply online for registration of overseas voter
  • Track the current status of applications
  • Apply online for Modification, Enrollment, Deletion, and changes in the electoral roll
  • Print vote information slip
  • View links of State/Union Territory (UT)/Chief Executive Officer (CEO) office websites
  • One can also check the details of the Pooling booth followed by Parliamentary constituency. 
  • View awareness information on polling processes, Electronic Voting Machine (EVM), and more.

So, by the above list, you must be overwhelmed by the number of services offered by NVSP. If you have changes to be made in your applications or Voter ID cards, this is the best option for you.

Know the Easy Process to Register on the NVSP Portal

Guys, again, don’t hesitate to use the NVSP portal. This is because there are people who get tired of using any government portal. But, this is a myth if you have proper knowledge you can get things done on time or before.

Now, here, after knowing the list of services offered by the NVSP platform, let us know the registration process. This is also very easy and simple to cater to if you follow the below-mentioned 5 steps properly. Try not to skip any step to get the process done early. This will surely create chaos for you.

  1. The first step is to visit the official website of the National Voters Services Portal
  2. After the screen appears on your device, click on the ‘sign up’ button. It is available on the top right corner of the homepage.
  3. Now, you need to give some basic information to proceed further. Enter your mobile number, correct email ID, and captcha code on the NVSP platform screen. Click on the continue button.
  4. The next step is to enter the first name, last name, password, and confirm password, and click the request OTP button.
  5. Now, the last and final step is to enter the OTP sent to your mobile number and email ID by verifying the same.

So, guys, after your OTP is verified, you will be registered on the NVSP portal. Now, you can directly log in to NVSP the next time and access the Voter ID-related services.

What are some Objectives of the NVSP Portal?

  • Remember, in creating such a big and authentic portal, there must be some objectives. By this, all your Voter ID-related services are getting easy and simple. So, the portal serves many essential objectives. Don’t worry, all these objectives are aimed at streamlining voter registration.
  • Guys, the government is thinking about your better experience. So, let us know some key objectives of the NVSP portal in the below paragraphs.
  • Here, the first goal of the NVSP portal is online voter registration. This is one of the primary aims of using this portal. Here, users can enable online voter registration. Make sure that this also allows eligible citizens to register as voters from the comfort of their homes.
  • Other than this, the other aim is efficient correction and updates. The NVSP platform offers the correction of errors and updates in the electoral roll. This also ensures that citizen’s voter information like name, address, and other details.
  • Moreover, simplified voter ID applications. The platform focuses on simplifying the voter ID application process. It also makes it more accessible to eligible Indian nationals. Thus, the platform provides a simple interface where individuals can apply for a Voter ID card.
  • Additionally, transparency is the most important aim of this platform. This provides voters with easy access to information related to their polling stations. Remember, not only polling stations, transparency is seen in officers, and other election-related details.
  • Here, we come to the last and final aim of the NVSP platform. Trust me, but this portal places a strong emphasis on maintaining accurate voter data. Sometimes, this enables citizens to review and update their information to ensure the integrity of the electoral roll.

How One Can Check NVSP Status?

This is the important section where you will come to the current status of your opted service. Again, for this, you are requested to follow the below-mentioned steps for a better understanding of the process.

  1. Here, you need to make sure that you visit the voter’s service portal on the official website.
  2. After visiting the voter’s service, you will find the track application status option.
  3. Enter your registered mobile number or EPIC number followed by the password. Again, one OTP will be sent to your number.
  4. Now, enter the captcha and you are done. The screen will show the currency status of your application or catered service. 


So, here, we conclude the article on the NVSP platform. You need to make sure that with its simple and easy interface, the portal is friendly to use by everyone. Make sure that if you are a first voter, this portal ensures that your voice is heard in shaping the future of the nation.


It is very crucial to note that the above content on NVSP is written for educational purposes only. It is written to make our readers know everything about the portal. We suggest you check the authenticity of the portal before using the same.

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