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neetu bisht

Neetu Bisht is a glittering star in the galaxy of content creators. She is at a very young age, gathered tranquillity to overcome the tragedies. Neetu is a multi-faceted personality, curating fame as a fashion model and social media influencer. She is a trendsetter in the realm of music videos. If you are fond of fashion and music, then you must gaze into Neetu’s life facts.

Read the below article to know all the details about her age, height, weight, family, net worth, husband, boyfriend, etc.

Who is Neetu Bisht?

Neetu is a leading content creator, YouTuber, and social media influencer. She has risen to prominence and fame through her music videos, singing,  dancing, and entertaining content. Neetu uploaded her content on Instagram and started with TikTok. The creator works on lip-sync videos and showcases her knowledge to a wide spectrum of audiences. Her very famous YouTube channel “Lakhneet Vlogs” features lifestyle videos. Neetu along with her boyfriend, Lakhan manages this channel.

Neetu Bisht Biography

Neetu was born on 16 December 1997. She was raised in an Indian family in the capital of India, New Delhi. Her zodiac symbol is Sagittarius. Neetu worships the Hindu religion and has an Indian nationality. She is a responsible and determined lady who has beaming dreams in her eyes. Neetu believes in following an ideal and healthy lifestyle. She excludes alcohol and smoking from her source of fun. She maintains good physical health by practising yoga and gym. Her daily activities also include jogging. Neetu is always curious to inculcate herself with new skills and activities. Cooking, driving and swimming are a few to name. The popular creator consumes vegetarian meals.

Neetu Bisht Age, Height and Physical Appearance

Neetu is a comely and gorgeous model. Neetu bisht age is 26 year old as per 2023. She has a height of 5’5”. By following a healthy lifestyle, the creator maintains a suitable weight of 55 kg. According to her birth year. Neetu Bisht age 2023 is 26 Year Old.

Early Life

Childhood is a golden period where the innocent looks towards their parents for love and care. Losing a father at this early age would be the worst misfortune. Neetu was deprived of guardianship at the age of 11. She merely completed her studies and initiated an event management firm which eventually crashed to the ground.

However, no failure had the power to demolish Neetu’s determination. Her recurrent efforts and actions finally paid off when she received positive feedback from TikTok. She unleashed her passion and kept floating her boat in the same sea.


Neetu’s education was completed in the corridors of Dr Rajendra Prasad Sarvodaya School located in New Delhi. She migrated to complete her bachelor’s before kickstarting her digital career. Bisht experienced challenges at various stages in her life. Yet, she managed to complete her schooling and later left an indelible mark by rising to excellence.

Neetu Bisht Family

Neetu Bisht family, background and conditions played a chief role in pivoting her passionate path. She was born into a middle-class family. Neetu spent her childhood growing up with her two younger sisters, Neetu Bisht sister name is Divya Bisht and Poonam Bisht. The family lost the head, father of Neetu, Mr Pratap Singh Bisht in 2009 from a brain haemorrhage. The tragedy shattered the hearts of the daughters. Going through a complicated phase, Neetu emerged as a tarnished diamond. Neetu’s mother, Mohini Bisht stood strong and propelled her daughter to chase her dreams. She conquered the hurdles with her endurance and bravery to turn out like a gem.  In her in-laws’ family, her father-in-law’s name is Arjun Singh Rawat. Poonam Rawat is her mother-in-law. Along with them, she also has 2 brothers-in-law and their names are Yash Rawat and Karan Rawat. Her sister-in-law is Kirti Rawat.

Neetu bisht Husband Name and marriage

Neetu bisht husband name Lakhan Arjun Rawat and her personal life experienced a flush of ease and love when she met professional cricketer Lakhan Arjun Rawat. Both of them adored each other and looked up to establish future joints. On the special day of January 15, 2021, the couple, got engaged and exchanged promises of a lifetime along rings. They later got tied up in a stronger bond of marriage on February 27, 2023. The romance and love story is well adored by fans. Neetu presented her in-laws with a car to demonstrate her love and affection. The love birds are well-settled and are enjoying the joy of love.


Neetu has rooted her feet in various career fields, such as modelling, content development, social media influencer and business. She has a known YouTube channel named “Lakhneet Vlogs”. Her YouTube channel features travel and fashion vlogs.  The creator regularly uploads YouTube shorts to provide the audience with the latest and trending content. Neetu actively collaborates with fashion brands and demonstrates her marketing abilities.

Her talent is not confined to marketing and content creation. However, it spreads up to dance, singing, and lip sync videos. She appeared with grace and confidence in the music video of the Punjabi song “Badnami”. Neetu participates in fashion commerce by working with prominent brands and companies such as Bingo, Costa, Pantaloons, Amazon and Livpure. She has boarded a flight of accomplishments through her diligence and courage. The model puts all the necessary efforts into maintaining her graph and raising it steeper.

Net Worth Earnings

Neetu keeps herself immersed in fruitful works such as brand promotions, vlogging, business ventures and advertisements. All this work brings her a holistic worth of around 80 Lakhs. her husband are the owners of their new car Mercedes, which costs 1.5 crore.

Social Media

Neetu is actively visible in the Instagram feeds of fashion and travel geeks through her user name “iam_neetubisht_”. Her handle has 4.5 million loyal followers along with blue tik certification. She regularly posts travel, fashion and entertainment content with a total of 2475+ posts so far. Neetu’s family is a chat group that updates about her everyday happenings. She keeps uploading videos on her channel “Lakhneet Vlogs” without fail. With a total of 2.2k videos and 88.2 Lakh subscribers, the channel ranked among the pinnacle.

Glimpse of Neetu Bisht Vlogging

Neetu teamed up with her boyfriend to start a YouTube channel on 19 May 2020. Their channel “Lakhneet” posted her debut video called as “First Video of BishtRawat Out on YouTube” on 4 July 2020. Their channel is a luxurious Library of engaging and entertaining content comprising shorts, lifestyle, pranks, family, reactions, love stories, travel vlogs and fitness videos.

There captivating narratives and flush love stories raised the views of millions. They were acknowledged as talent creators in a short period. Neetu and Lakhan curated their utmost creativity and imagination in the production of their most-watched video “Berozgar”. Neetu got recognised as a famous YouTube creator which led her to collaborate with co-creators. Amit Bhadana and Neetu Bisht team up to record a trending YouTube video “Class ki Topper Aur Last Bencher”.

Interesting Facts

  • Neetu loves to read books and travel around the globe.
  • She adores shoes and has a fashionable collection of them.
  • She has pet cats and dogs.
  • Chinese cuisine and Indian street food are mostly preferred by her.
  • She has an interest in writing and playing musical instruments. 


Q1. Who is Neetu’s husband?

Ans: Neetu Bisht’s husband is Lakhan Arjun Rawat. The couple got married on February 27, 2023.

Q2. When was Neetu born?

Ans: Neetu Bisht was born on 16 December 1997.

Q3. What is Neetu’s age?

Ans: Neetu Bisht is 25 years old as of 2023. 

Q4. What is the height of Neetu?

Ans: Neetu’s height is 5’5”.

Q5. Where does Neetu Bisht live?

Ans: Neetu lives in New Delhi, India.

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