Michael Sartain – Moa mentoring men of action coursedownloadly.com

michael sartain – moa mentoring men of action coursedownloadly.com

Do you want to embark on a journey of holistic development? Do you want to strengthen your personality? If yes, you are on the right website. Here we will deal with michael sartain – moa mentoring men of action coursedownloadly.com. MOA Mentoring Men of Action Course. This course propels you to put efforts in the right direction. You can enhance your career, grow a strong relationship and achieve a thoughtful mindset by enrolling into the course. Stay tuned to learn about Micheal Sartain and his self-development course.

Who is Michael Sartain?

Michael Sartain – moa mentoring men of action coursedownloadly.com is a powerful man behind the men of action. He has a robust background in entrepreneurship, personal development, and relationship coaching. Michael has professionality in pivoting individuals towards the true mission. His personality has elements of charm and wisdom. With his optimistic transformation, he has gathered a sizeable following worldwide.

Michael Sartain: Early life

Michael sartain – moa mentoring men of action coursedownloadly.com pursued his graduation of BBA in Management Information Systems. He went to the University of Texas at Austin. From year 1996 to 2000, he was engaged in academic endeavours. Unfortunately, he faced a severe collapse in the job market after graduation. Destiny let him be a DJ. After that, he became a manager at a gentlemen’s club in Austin.

This was the time when life was teaching him the most pragmatic lessons. Micheal realised the necessity of straightforward communication skills. He understood the importance of having a strong and confident speaking voice. Moreover, he wanted to adopt skills like managing people in daunting situations.

Michael Sartain Joined The Military

After struggling through the tragedies of 9/11, Micheal decided to abode the Austin in 2004. His life turned around when he joined the United States Air Force as a KC-135 navigator. He offered the service in the Air Force for 7 years. Michael’s dedicated serving earned him the rating of Instructor Navigator and Captain.

He received multiple rewards including Navigator of the Year. He also got appreciated with an Air Force Achievement Medal as a planning officer during the Summer Surage in Afghanistan in 2009. Furthermore, he achieved several other medals for his 400+ combat flight hours over Iraq and Afghanistan. During his military tenure, he educated himself on the role of good leadership, integrity, extreme ownership and determination. Alongside, he learnt to suppress poor leadership and passive-aggressive behaviour.

Michael Sartain as a Host

Michael left the Air Force in 2011. He migrated to Las Vegas and became an event host. Sartain later fulfils his true calling by turning into a self-help coach. He commenced his journey by hosting small pageants. He kept expanding his horizons and started hosting more renowned events. This included very large swimsuit competitions and nightclub events in Vegas. With his diligent efforts, he turned into MC and recruiter for some massive parties and charity events in Los Angeles.

Throughout his hosting career, he acknowledged the importance of high-level networking, value arbitrage, and building trust with clients and sponsors. Among this, cultivating a strong mindset remained the king of personality.


  • Michael decided to expand his academic career. Therefore, in 2013 he initiated studying finance. He not only enhanced his knowledge but built it as a second career option. Soon in 2015, he started dealing with clients as a money manager.
  • He studied under the guidance of Tom Sosnoff (the founder of the Think or Swin and TastyWorks Platforms). Tom is a highly reputed professional in stock options trading. Sartain is a Follow Trader on the Tastyworks Platform. Alongside, he is a portfolio manager for a proprietary fund.
  • During finance studies, Michael got to know the importance of statistical and quantitative analysis. He also acknowledged the role of decision-making in all sectors of life. Moreover, he mastered operating several different financial markets. It includes equities, futures, crypto, options, bonds and currencies.

Guest Appearance and Podcast

Since 2008, Michael received various opportunities for the role of speaker or guest instructor for many renowned self-help programmes. He would address many topics, including evolutionary psychology, astronomy, finance, dating, enlightenment, sociology, networking, human attraction, physics, and the military.

Michael is a gem with knowledge in all sectors. He loves reading and finishes around 45-55 books a year on different subjects. He adds more prominence to his career by starting the michael sartain – moa mentoring men of action coursedownloadly.com Show Podcast. It gained immense popularity and became a well-known podcast. The show welcomed many reputed celebrities including Dan Bilzerian, Tai Lopez, Vegas Dave, Dr. David Buss, Jay Cutler, Coffe and Cleavage, Amanda Nicole and many more. Michael’s podcast experience gathered him with knowledge of intellectual curiosity, gratitude, humility and public speaking.

Men of Action

In 2019, Michael came up with the Men of Action program. The program has an incredible accumulation of all the lessons he learned in his previous years. 

The Men of Action program backbones five pillars:

  • Social Networking
  • Leadership
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Mindset
  • Finance

The MOA Mentoring Men of Action course stands to propel individuals to navigate in the right direction. It focuses on enhancing your career, improving your relationships and attaining a strong mindset. For all those who are aiming to fuel their holistic growth, the Men of Action course is a top recommendation.

Unlock Technical Strategies

Let’s embark on the sea of Men of Action and unfold its core strategies. The MOA mentoring of Men of Action course, reveals your inner strength and helps you discover your altitude. By enrolling, one can attain an excellent lifestyle. Extracting the best out of the efficiency cultivates a sense of self-belief. The course helps you achieve such qualities to boost your overall progress.

  • Mindset Mastery: Michael sartain – moa mentoring men of action coursedownloadly.com agrees with the fact that success is more about mindset than strategies. In the MOA course, you will learn to reorganise your subconscious thoughts. Further, you can learn to overcome all the restricting thoughts. Cultivating a winning mentality is possible with the MOA course. By controlling your mindset, you can achieve all your aims.
  • Effective Communication: Whether it’s personal or professional, communication is the ultimate weapon to conquer relationship misunderstandings. In the MOA course, you can learn the skills of active listening, assertive communication and empathetic understanding. These abilities will pave your way towards peaceful and strong relations. Ultimately, you can increase the chance of game-changing opportunities.
  • Goal setting and Achievement: Setting a pragmatic goal keeps the individual awakened. Therefore MOA course outshines by offering you proven frameworks for establishing actionable goals. It fosters you with the abilities of strategy planning. With their personality tools, you can attain great heights.
  • Building Resilience: From the adverse to admiring part and parcel of life, resilience is your ultimate companion. At the MOA course, you will get educated on how to bounce back from setbacks, embrace failure as a learning opportunity and cultivate unwavering tenacity. You will soon enjoy overcoming obstacles.
  • Healthy Habits: MOA also focuses on health. By enrolling in courses, you can stay empowered to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Habits like exercise, meditation, nutrition, and self-care are seamlessly encased in your daily routine. A healthy body passes your weight towards a winning mindset. Build a robust foundation to propel a prosperous and peaceful fortune. Ignite yourself with unstoppable energy.
  • Networking and Relationship Building: In today’s dynamic world, establishing a flawless network is needed. You can learn to develop, develop authentic connections and meaningful relationships. Building mutual bonds could help out in many adverse situations. You can unlock many doors to new opportunities.


As you kickstart your journey with the MOA mentoring Men of Action Course, always remember that growth is not a goal but a lifestyle. Welcome thoughtful lessons and experiences in your life. Your drastic transformation awaits your discovery at the MOA Course. Join now to unleash a world of progress.


Q1. What is Men of Action?

Ans: Men of Action intends to cultivate an abundant lifestyle including high-status friends and companions. You can develop abilities like networking with the elite and building strong relationships. It turns individuals into “local celebrities” and the ma that other man longs to be.

Q2. Where does Michael Sartain Live?

Ans: Michael Sartain lives in Las Vegas, NV.

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